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Over 25 years ago, I started a sole psychiatric practice predicated on several fundamental principles and values: integrity, uncompromising adherence to the highest ethical standards, professionalism, humility, commitment to continuously enhance my clinical acumen, continually exercising sound clinical judgment and always treating those I’m fortunate to work with, with dignity and respect. I view my practice values as being indistinguishable from many of my personal beliefs.

Attaining emotional health, wellbeing, serenity and acceptance is not formulaic, necessarily achieved with a prescription nor subject to will. In my practice, I believe it critical to be aware of, respect and honor variations in cultures, ways of communicating and belief systems.

Quite deliberately, I have remained a sole practitioner, having never merged with other medical practices or major hospital system.

“I believe it critical

to respect and honor variations in culture, differences in communication style and the variance in belief systems.”

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric illness, such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety and sexual disorders, can cause impairment, emotional pain and distress.
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Forensic Psychiatry is a subspecialty which entails the interplay of psychiatry and the law. It is divided into two areas, civil and criminal.
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Addiction Psychiatry is the study, assessment and treatment of addictive diseases, including misuse of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and other mood-altering substances. It also includes process addictions such as gambling, sexual disorders and shoplifting.
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HIMS is an occupational substance abuse treatment program, that coordinates the identification, treatment and return to work process for aviators.
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