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General Adult Psychiatry

General Psychiatry entails the assessment and treatment of psychiatric illness. Psychiatric illness, such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety and various forms of sexual disorders, can cause impairment, emotional pain and distress. As a practitioner of General Psychiatry, I view the therapeutic process as collaborative. Secondly, as a practitioner, I am dedicated to find ways to minimize impairment and ease emotional pain and distress, while restoring, preserving and enhancing behavioral health and wellbeing.

Individual and couples therapy is hard work. It requires commitment, willingness to at times, be vulnerable and allow thoughts, feelings, motivations and fears to be examined. Therapy facilitates “awakeness,” a tolerance for perhaps being uncomfortable and a readiness and willingness for growth, understanding, healing, clarity and acceptance.

We live in a complex and dynamic world, replete with unexpected change and challenge. Treatment takes many forms and can penetrate at different layers and levels. It may entail hearing a different perspective, picking up new coping skills, examining and better understanding one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors safely and with preservation of dignity. It may involve exploring and discussing a relationship and then seeing it in a new light. The benefit of working with an objective, skilled and compassionate clinical collaborator, can often bring clarity and in some cases, be life-altering.

I believe that the treatment of emotional issues begins with a thorough assessment. This allows for the core issues to be identified. A thorough assessment involves employing good listening skills, being able to formulate and pose thoughtful, probative but respectful questions, making connections between and among the information being provided and being able to apply clinical knowledge and sound judgment. It also entails integrating and presenting information in a way that makes the individual feel understood and respected.

Once a thorough assessment is completed, treatment begins. In my practice, treatment is always done face-to-face in my downtown Chicago Loop office. Human interaction is critical to the therapeutic process. I have also found that very often, valuable information is communicated non-verbally. As such, I do not perform assessments or conduct treatment on a virtual platform.

My treatment approach is bespoke and tailored to the needs of the individual/couple. I have training and experience in several psychotherapeutic modalities and am able to employ the most effective approach which meets the individual/couple where they are at. My approaches primarily involve the principles of Cognitive-Behavioral, Supportive, Psychoanalytic and Motivational Enhancement theories. Medication can be a component of treatment, but is never a mainstay. I do not see patients who are solely seeking “medication management” as psychotherapy is a powerful means of attaining clarity and wellness; in certain circumstances, medication can be a useful adjunct. Treatment must be collaborative, thoughtful, predicated on sound clinical judgment and carried out with the sole purpose of achieving long-term wellbeing.

“Psychiatric illness

such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety and various forms of sexual disorders, can cause impairment, emotional pain and distress.”

Additional Psychiatric Services

General Psychiatric illness, such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety and sexual disorders, can cause impairment, emotional pain and distress.
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