Services Provided

There are several aspects of the practice. The practice welcomes adults seeking assessment of, and treatment for a host of conditions including but not limited to depression, anxiety, substance misuse, sexuality, sexual disorders, relationship difficulty and other emotional problems. I believe compassionate and collaborative therapy can explore, uncover and make sense of underlying themes and conflicts.  This therapeutic process can ultimately lead to long-term emotional health.

Forensic Psychiatry involves the interplay of psychiatry and the law. As a board-certified Forensic psychiatrist, I assess individuals involved in the judicial system.  On the criminal side, these evaluations include sanity at the time of the alleged offense, ability to understand and waive Miranda, competency to stand trial and dangerousness. On the civil side, I conduct fitness for duty and disability examinations, am familiar with the behavioral manifestations of sexual and other forms of workplace harassment, understand the nuance inherent to testamentary capacity and perform workplace violence evaluations.

Addictive behaviors are prevalent, can take many forms, are frequently impairing, can derail careers, destroy families and devastate lives.  As a board-certified Addiction psychiatrist, I am familiar with the varied clinical presentations, multiple therapeutic modalities and co-occurring conditions associated with addiction. With proper structure and support, recovery, serenity and sustained wellbeing are often possible.

As a HIMS trained psychiatrist, I have evaluated hundreds of aviators.  These complex evaluations help insure that aviators can function safely and that the integrity of the public airspace is preserved.

As a consultant, I believe understanding behavior, navigating work relationships and personalities and achieving collaboration, partnership and alliance, are all essential in today’s global marketplace.

General Psychiatric illness, such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety and sexual disorders, can cause impairment, emotional pain and distress.
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Forensic Psychiatry is a subspecialty which entails the interplay of psychiatry and the law. It is divided into two areas, civil and criminal.
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Addiction Psychiatry is the study, assessment and treatment of addictive diseases, including misuse of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and other mood-altering substances. It also includes process addictions such as gambling, sexual disorders and shoplifting.
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HIMS is an occupational substance abuse treatment program, that coordinates the identification, treatment and return to work process for aviators.
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“I Engage Individuals

in psychotherapy related to psychiatric, behavioral health, emotional issues and personal struggles.