My Clientele

There are several areas of the practice

With over twenty-five years of experience as a board-certified practitioner of General Psychiatry, I regularly conduct psychotherapy.  The focus of psychotherapy can include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, burnout, sexual misconduct, sexual disorders, disruptive and angry behavior, changes related to the pandemic and matters pertaining to race and class.

As a board-certified Forensic and Addiction psychiatrist, I conduct assessments, offer recommendations and provide live testimony relative to a number of criminal and civil matters including fitness for duty, competency to stand trial, sanity, ability to waive Miranda, workplace violence, sexual and other forms of harassment, dangerousness and disability. I am also HIMS certified.

The practice utilizes a fee-for-service model. I have opted not to work with insurance companies.

The practice is limited to adults.

“The practice is limited to

adults and the psychiatric services offered, are formulated to achieve the goals and meet the needs specific to the individual.”